Why Should You Sell Your Home Now?


If you have been thinking about selling your home, now is the time. The Dunwoody real estate market continues to move in opposite directions – prices are increasing and inventory is decreasing. This makes for an attractive market for sellers. Interest rates continue to be historically low More buyers are in the market Fewer homes are […]

Sandy Springs Market Trends

Market Trends (1)

Sandy Springs real estate market trends show it may be the perfect time to sell.  The median sold price for single-family homes in 2018 continues to increase. Homes sold in March 2018 had a 18% increase over the median sold price in December 2017. If you are thinking of selling – let Bankston Brokers help you set the right price to […]

Stressed over Homebuying?

How to chose a Realtor by Bankston Brokers

Anytime you have change going on in your life, you are subject to stress. It just so happens that moving (selling and or buying a home) is one of the biggest stresses that you’ll have in your entire life. Being Realtors, we have the opportunity to be in the midst, or height, of the most […]

What’s My Dunwoody Home Worth?

whats my dunwoody home worth

That’s probably the #1 question that I am asked when I meet with Dunwoody homeowners that are considering selling. The short answer of home worth, or value, is what a Buyer is willing to pay for the property and what a Bank is willing to lend. The Bank or Mortgage Lender, will have an appraisal done […]

Dunwoody Real Estate Market Trends

Time to sell your home in Dunwoody

Dunwoody real estate market trends show it may be the perfect time to sell.  The median sold price for single-family homes in 2017 has increased by as much as 6% compared to 2016. Hover over a data point below to see the value as well as the change from last year. If you are thinking […]

How to Sell Your Home in 30 Days or Less

selling my home in dunwoody

Price it right – Consult with your Realtor – Realtors have the most information, ie Market Statistics (Sold Properties, Pending’s, Expired’s, Actives, absorption rates). This information is a powerful tool. When pricing a property, it must be within 5% of what BUYERS perceive its value to be. If it is overpriced, you may have Lookers, but no […]

Dirty Houses Don’t Sell


We just showed a few homes in Dunwoody today to a BUYER and what we heard just reinforced what we already knew – dirty houses don’t sell. Nobody likes to walk into a house that smells, is dirty, has cobwebs, grease on the kitchen counters, the carpeting is stained, moldy grout in the baths, and you […]

Atlanta Homes and Resale Value… Power Lines are a Definite NO


As Atlanta Real Estate Agents, we represent Buyers. We help them find their home of choice. And manage all the details of buying their new home in Atlanta. One item that we always consult our clients on is resale value. According to the national averages, single family home sells every 5 to 7 years; thus, resale is an […]

7 Don’ts When Purchasing Your New Atlanta Home


Being approved and funded by your mortgage lender is a major component, unless purchasing with cash of course. So, here is my friendly reminder to all those under contract awaiting your closing…follow these 7 don’ts when purchasing your new Atlanta home so you’ll have a successful real estate purchase. Don’t change your employment status.  Don’t […]

Need a Master on the Main?


When you are fit and mobile, not much thought goes into a set of stairs to climb to get your bedroom. But when health issues present themselves, what seemed like nothing is just the opposite, a huge task to overcome. Whether you are suffering from knee problems, balance issues, disability, lack of strength, or plain […]