Under our Buyer Representation agreement our number one goal is to represent your best interest.

Buyer Representation Means:

We will help you find the right home to purchase.

  • We have access to detailed property information that is not publicly available, for example solds and pendings.
  • We find out about great houses from our network of people involved in real estate.
  • We look at houses for sale by owner, so we know about houses that are not listed in the MLS.
  • We preview houses every day so we know what is available.

We educate you about the market so you can make a well-informed offer when you find the house you want.

  • We explain current market conditions (Buyer’s market vs. Seller’s market).
  • We tell you how many homes are in your price range.
  • We give you the average sales price for recent transactions.
  • We give you the list price to sale price ration for recent comparable sales.
  • We tell you the average price per square foot.
  • We tell you how long a home has been on the market.

We save you time because we know the market better than anyone else.  What that means is we are out looking at houses every day.  We won’t waste your time by taking you to houses you are not going to buy.  We will only show you houses that meet your values, needs, and wants.

We protect your interests.  Our Buyer representation agreement obligates us to be your fiduciary agent. Our number one job is to represent your best interests.

  • We are loyal to you.
  • We hold what we know about you in confidence.
  • We have no conflict of interest that compromises our ability to represent you.
  • We will tell you everything we know about properties that interest you.

We advise you in negotiations.  Based on our experience representing clients in the purchase of homes, we have developed negotiation skills that allow us to get the best possible conditions for our clients.

We are familiar with financing solutions.  

  • We can evaluate the Seller’s position to help determine whether or not they could cover closing costs or a point buy down.
  • We work with select mortgage professionals to ensure they are offering the best service, the most suitable mortgage package, and any that might be available for state, province, and local government grant bond programs.

We refer our clients to reputable resources so you can have confidence that you will receive high quality service.

  • Lenders
  • Inspectors
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors

We provide our clients information about the community so you don’t have to spend time doing your own research.

  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Shopping
  • Worship
  • Healthcare